About Austarps: A Legacy of Quality and Service

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Our History

Discover Austarps, a company with deep roots dating back to 1961 when Knight’s Upholstery first opened its doors in the picturesque town of Narrabri, NSW, nestled within the lush Namoi Valley. Founded by John Knight, our journey began with a focus on furniture repairs, vehicle upholstery, and crafting tarps and blinds. Through a dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship and unwavering customer satisfaction, Knight’s Upholstery swiftly became a trusted fixture in the local landscape.


Recognising the escalating demand for high-quality tarpaulin solutions within the agricultural sector, Austarps emerged as a specialised division of Knight’s Upholstery in the mid-1990s. Catering specifically to the needs of the flourishing cotton and cereal farming communities in the Namoi Valley, Austarps swiftly garnered acclaim for its exceptional quality and steadfast reliability.

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Meet Murray Knight

At the helm of Austarps is Murray Knight, a second-generation entrepreneur with a deep-seated passion for delivering excellence. Murray’s journey in the industry began under the guidance of his father, John Knight, instilling in him a profound understanding of craftsmanship and dedication to customer service. Murray’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping Austarps into a beacon of quality and integrity in the tarpaulin industry.

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Ready to experience the Austarps difference?

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