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Austarps and the Cotton Industry

Austarps services regional Australia supplying various styles of cotton module tarps.

Austarps designed and developed the “belted” module tarp commonly known as “The Austarp” in 1992. This new innovation revolutionised the way cotton modules were covered in Australia and around the world.

The Austarp enabled operators to minimise the time and ropes used as well as removing several dangerous practices used with the previous method. Use of the Austarp eliminated the necessity of operators having to lay ropes inside module builders to fasten eyeleted tarps.

RMCC (Round Module Containment Covers)

Austarps are the manufacturers of the RMCC tarp which is used to contain damaged cotton modules for transportation to the gin.

The RMCC is made from strong UV treated PVC and has 7 x 50mm wide bands/buckles and temporary holding rings to keep the module together, this unique design makes fitting easy.

 We also make a 5 band RMCC made from polyethylene fabric for lighter duties.

To minimise the risk of losing tarps, your company name can be stencilled onto the tarp, if requested. 

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Wet Cap

Round model wrap with holes anywhere around the top half allow water to penetrate into the cotton.  This can damage your product extensively over the storage period at farm and gin.

We have a solution for you!!

We have developed a “Wet Cap” tarp that is made from high quality UV treated polyethylene, only takes a couple of minutes to install and is reusable time and time again.
Will save thousand’s of $’s over the life of the Cap.

Wet Caps which are designed to protect a damaged round cotton bale in a long row without removing the bale to install.

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