yellow windsock directed to the left during a clear sunny day

Navigate the Winds with Austarps Windsocks

Austarps offers a comprehensive range of windsocks designed to provide reliable wind direction indication for a variety of applications. Whether you need standard sizes or custom-made options, we’ve got you covered. Explore our windsock offerings below:

Standard Sizes (Diameter)

300 mm

Ideal for smaller installations or areas with limited space, our 300 mm windsocks provide clear wind direction indication in a compact size. Standard frames in stock

600 mm

Our 600 mm windsocks offer increased visibility and are suitable for medium-sized installations, providing accurate wind direction information in various environments. Standard frames in stock

900 mm

For larger installations or areas with higher wind visibility requirements, our 900 mm windsocks deliver clear and unmistakable wind direction indication. Standard frames in stock

Custom Sizes Made to Order

Need a windsock tailored to your specific requirements? Our custom-made windsocks are crafted to meet your unique needs, whether you require a specific diameter or length for your application.
yellow windsock directed to the left during a clear sunny day

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