Motor Trimming

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Discover Our Motor Trimming Services

At Austarps, we offer a comprehensive range of motor trimming services to enhance the comfort, functionality, and aesthetics of your vehicles and equipment. From restoring worn-out seats to crafting custom tonneau covers and canvas canopies, our skilled professionals are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Explore our motor trimming offerings below:

Vehicle Seats

Revitalise the interior of your vehicles, boats, and machinery with Austarps' expert motor trimming services. From recovering interior sections to restoring seats to their former glory, our skilled team ensures comfort and durability for every ride.

Headtrim Replacements

At Austarps, we understand the importance of attention to detail, which is why we offer regular headtrim replacements for cars, trucks, and tractors. Trust our experienced team to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your vehicle's interior with precision and care

Tonneau Covers

Protect your cargo with Austarps' durable and custom-fitted tonneau covers. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, our covers offer superior strength and reliability, ensuring your goods stay safe and secure on every journey.

4WD Canvas Canopies

Explore the great outdoors with confidence, thanks to Austarps' rugged 4WD canvas canopies. Tailored to fit your vehicle perfectly, our canopies provide reliable protection from the elements while maintaining flexibility and ease of use for your off-road adventures.

Tractor Seats

Elevate your agricultural experience with Austarps' specialised re-upholstering services for tractor seats. From welding repairs to re-foaming and re-covering, our expert team ensures optimal comfort and durability, so you can tackle every task with ease.

Boat Travel Covers

Experience unmatched quality and durability with Austarp canopies, meticulously crafted from top-grade Australian-made canvas or European PVC materials. Each canopy and boat cover is custom-tailored to the precise specifications and preferences of the owner, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

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With over 50 years of proven design excellence, Austarp canopies and covers stand as invaluable assets for any utility vehicle or boat. Trust in our time-tested designs to provide unmatched protection and reliability, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your vehicle or vessel.